Who is Alexander Gerchik?

Who is Alexander Gerchik?

In the world of trading, there is hardly a person who is not familiar with the name of Alexander Gerchik. This unique person was born on September 13, 1971 in Odessa. At 22, he emigrated to New York. He received his first earned money by working as a simple taxi driver.


Insight, endurance, the ability to work with a large amount of information helped to establish useful acquaintances with exchange traders and begin the path to the heights of success. The financial theme was new to Alexander, but interest and perseverance made it possible to master the first practical experience of an assistant trader in a brokerage firm. To obtain a license and start professional activity, Gerchik successfully completed four-month courses and passed the General Securities Representative exams.


Why is there so much noise around Gerchik?


Rapid career growth makes this figure very interesting. Now Gerchik is known as the only teacher of trading in the CIS, the author and co-author of many books that will interest those who want to try their hand at trading stocks: “The Grail of the Exchange, or The Adventures of a Trader Pinocchio,” “The Exchange for Blondes,” “In the Jungle of Trading with” Hunting Gerchik "" and many others. Literature is also useful for current traders who want to improve their knowledge.


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In his writings, the author sets out the basics and subtleties of trading work, readers learn the main aspects of trading on a financial exchange. Gerchik also conducts seminars, has issued an excellent training course in training "Reloading". Thanks to his training material, it becomes clear how profitable to play on the stock exchange.


Gerchik & Co is a Forex brokerage company founded in 2015 by Alexander Gerchik. In one year after its founding, it won 2 awards: Breakthrough of the Year (according to Russian Money Day Money, voting by traders) and Fastest Growing Broker (according to Mena 15th Forex Show). Founders focus on innovation and progress. Beginners can use such training materials as articles about Forex, a demo account that allows you to try to trade and test your trading strategy. Gerchik & Co can be considered a promising company, attractive to both traders and investors.


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As you can see, Gerchik has established himself not only as a professional in his field, but also as a person with a good sense of humor and an analytical mindset. The story of this person would not be so interesting if it was always accompanied by luck. But Alexander caught the point: "before you make money, learn not to lose money." The secret of his phenomenon remains unchanged - he is constantly improving as a broker and sharing his knowledge.


All these conclusions can be drawn by browsing the official website of Alexander Gerchik. And, indeed, it is very different from the rest. 99% of brokers diligently hide the faces of their employees and register companies in offshore zones so that it is impossible to get in the event of negative situations. And he, courageous (or stupid?), Himself is interested in as much as possible and more often “trade face”.


And the question naturally creeps in: if the knowledge in trading is so steep that it was possible to quickly become a successful trader and earn amounts with many zeros, then why not continue to do this and get rich? Why spend time on books, courses and training that brings a penny, compared with the declared earnings on the exchange?


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Reviews about the broker Gerchik & Co


Opinions of customers about the activities of Gerchik differ. Some write that this is an honest broker, but the courses are frank shit, others that the courses are super, but as a broker - a frank scam. Still others claim that slag is both a broker and courses and books. Of course, there are those who are delighted with everything that he does, but for some reason the manner of writing is the same everywhere and the texts of praise are like a carbon copy. Maybe he writes to himself? Or employees who share in the “big financial pie”? One can only guess, since it is completely incomprehensible to whom to believe.


You can read real reviews about the Gerchik & Co broker and leave your own on our website.

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