Return money from a broker

 Return money from a broker

Any trade and its result is unpredictable, and trading on the financial market is especially risky - it is impossible to predict the price quotations for various assets with absolute certainty. But these risks can be justified and the profits received by traders can be obtained in large amounts. But in order to successfully trade in the financial market, you have to resort to the services of brokers. Most often, such companies are fake, and fraudsters can appropriate all the funds of their client.


Can I get my deposit back?

Before you engage in any kind of money transactions and involve strangers in this, you need to make sure that this brokerage company is reliable, does not use fraudulent actions, forwarded payments, in which money will be taken from customers and it will not be difficult to return them. It is worth considering that most brokers are scammers and do not think about the interests of their clients, but worry only about their own benefits. Therefore, even if you go to their website and read reviews about this company, you can’t be sure that these recommendations are real and not specially ordered and not written by the company’s employees, so that clients can trust them and give the money themselves.


It is much more reliable to be interested in broker reviews on independent resources, such as


To protect yourself, you can transfer money to brokers using transfers from Visa and Mastercard payment cards. Other payments, such as transfers through an electronic wallet, will not be possible to return. The time period when the money was transferred to brokers is also important. If more than 540 days have passed, then it will be problematic to return the funds. Refunds with the help of a chargeback can be carried out by contacting specialized companies involved in the return of money taken from clients by fraudulent brokers.


Trading in the Forex market may be available to the trader in the event that he has signed the relevant agreement, entered into the offer. This is the standard procedure requested by the broker. When signing any papers, they need to be carefully studied.



What items can lead to a drain of the trader's deposit?



  • Upon reaching the stop-out category, certain positions will be forcibly closed.
  • It is possible to appeal the loss, if you do not miss the deadlines.
  • Cash may be lost if it is in the national currency and a crisis has occurred, the depreciation of this money.
  • A fine was imposed due to the misuse of the account, its incorrect replenishment and frequent withdrawal of money.
  • If the frequency of transactions has exceeded the limit, then deduction of profit may occur.

Losing their hard-earned money is, of course, very disappointing and often, in despair, people turn to companies promising 100% money back from a fraudster for help. And there is a risk of running into a well-designed scam, such as forex-brokers. pro, which we already wrote about here.

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