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Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly, this is the site when you look at it, blood starts to flow from your eyes ... It seems that it was created by a color-blind schoolboy who had heard something about SEO, but never I realized that this is why all the pages of the site are a rambling set of keys separated by commas and frank insults even of those brokers on whom they were unable to dig up anything on forums and otzovik sites. But first things first.


Chargeback forex-brokers. pro is a long-standing office that positions itself as a group of lawyers capable of returning money to a deceived client from any broker. Noble, huh? Undoubtedly! But writing and doing is not the same thing. In fact, these pseudo-lawyers are engaged in fraudulent activities. It is proposed to use services in such a direction as the return of money lost from a broker! In fact, in fact, the company simply takes money from its own customers for the services provided, and does nothing else. Instead, various reservations are sent, or all attempts to contact are ignored altogether.


Compared to Forex, any kitchen broker is just an angel!


No, do not think, I do not protect them, in any case. It’s just that there a person invests, understanding all the risks. Was he warned that he could lose everything? Yes. Further it is his conscious choice.

And here the situation is the opposite: they promise you that they will return all-all the lost money absolutely free of charge, only out of a desire to punish all bad brokers. Such a "Robin Hood" in the forex world. But ... they do not work on their own, but they also turn to the courts and other instances where they have to pay. Well, of course, out of pocket they will pay 100% return of your hard-earned money, so you need a very small amount for all these small expenses …


Now consider! Suppose a person sincerely believed that you can return 100 thousand rubles, merged from a broker due to personal handshake. Will he regret to transfer to his benefactors an unfortunate three-ruble note? At 97 thousand it will still be in positive territory by the end of the same day. Total benefit and restoration of justice!

But in fact, he receives only the message "sorry, nothing happened." But it turned out with everyone, namely today the bummer came out. And the money has already been brought in and there is nothing to return to you. Very, very sorry, honestly!


And then they will look at your reaction. If you’re in a rage, then all, “come on, goodbye!”, But if you’re just at a loss, they may offer to try again, but, again, you need money for expenses. And all this “merry-go-round” makes another circle. реальные отзывы


Forex brokers. pro holds everyone for suckers!


Do you know why they push their services so hard? Sit down, it will be interesting now.


Really deceived traders who fell for promises of easy money from a one-day kitchen and newcomers who poured deposits by inexperience are the most “sweet” and easily accessible clients for such scam. Firstly, if you merged, then there was something to merge, which means businesswomen with money.


It is unlikely that someone will run to court to return $ 20-50, right? Secondly, they psychologically pressure that you were dishonestly treated, and all villains should be punished. A person begins to believe that they sincerely want to help him. You are almost friends, but a friend is not afraid to send some money. And so the mousetrap closed! You have been raped 2 times! And the broker and those who "return the money from the broker."


And again, so that they remember who such Forex brokers are. Pro)


Chargeback forex-brokers. pro is a real scammer. Under all circumstances, there is no doubt about it. Numerous negative reviews about this company are presented today not only on various sites, but also in many forums. Therefore, before falling for the bait of such a fraudulent organization, I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the opinions of those who already believed them.


This is a real criminal organization. She is only hiding behind the conduct of activities such as the return of money selected by brokers. In fact, they themselves - they still bred. The service is paid, but no one has yet received the result.


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