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Gerchik & Co is an international broker. The launch took place in 2015. Over the years, the forex broker has established itself as a reliable, successful partner. The company's goal is to make transactions on the interbank market. The founders are two successful traders in the person of Alexander Grechik and Ivan Kroshny. You can trade comfortably and profitably. The Forex broker has collected everything you need for professional trading in the stock market. The platform is suitable for beginners and professionals.


The main mission and goal of the broker Gerchik & Co


The company's goal is to provide all market participants with transparent, honest trading conditions. Also create free conditions for actions on the turnover of profit, the time of holding transactions without hidden quotes.


Attractiveness for new players and guarantees


A successful broker offers great opportunities for conducting successful, safe transactions in the stock market. You can get tremendous experience and grow with successful Forex traders.

Gerchik & Co's interests are protected by the International Finance Commission. It includes qualified personnel. These are traders, IT specialists, lawyers, marketers and others. Controversial issues are resolved by the International Finance Commission. Its final decision is binding and have legal force. In the event of a claim, the trader is guaranteed payments up to 20,000 euros.


Is it worth it to cooperate with the broker "Gerchik and co"?


Gerchik collaborates with large liquidity providers. This approach allows you to provide the best conditions for trade. A special permit has been issued to conduct business in Vanuat.


Main advantages:


Real quotes, narrow environments, fair market quotes.Automatic services are working to protect the deposit and increase profits.In live chat, you can get tips from mentors, share experiences with successful traders.Quick withdrawal of funds from a personal account, a convenient personal account with full business functionality.Learning from scratch without water in an accessible language for beginners.Many tools are available: stocks, cryptocurrencies, metals, energy.


Types of Gerchik & Co Accounts


The broker offers users 6 options for trading accounts and two offers for trust management. Common parameters are:


  • Leverage 1: 100;
  • Margin call - 100%;
  • Stop out - 50%;
  • Regular webinars
  • Risk management.


Consider the features of each offer:


Easy start becomes available after making 100-499 USD The minimum lot value is 0.01 positions, and the spread value is 0.4 pips. The amount of commission per lot is $ 10.


Mini opens with an investment of 500-999 dollars. The same conditions apply as in an easy start, with access to automatic trading.


The standard status is obtained when replenishing an account for 1000-9999 dollars. The user gets all the features of a mini account, while the minimum lot price is 0.1 positions, and the spread value is zero. Also, access to the statistics of the trader.


A silver package is provided to those who deposit $ 10,000-24,999 into the account. The user gets all the features of a standard account, while the amount of commission per lot is reduced to 9 cu


Gold status is gained by users who contribute 25,000-99,999 dollars. All the possibilities of a silver account are opened, while the commission per lot drops to the level of $ 8.


Platinum can be obtained after making one hundred or more thousand dollars. All the features of the gold package will be available, while the commission per lot is $ 7. In addition, personal robots are being developed, as well as access to consultations with Alexander Gerchik.


Prestige and reviews about Gerchik & Co


In 2015, the company was awarded the nomination “Breakthrough of the Year” winner at the Russian Trading Day Award. In the same year, recognized as “the fastest growing broker in Dubai at the Mena 15th Forex Show.


The project “Gerchik and Co.” for five years of work has collected a lot of positive feedback. Users are satisfied with the service, round-the-clock support, quick account replenishment and payments, as well as a wide range of trading tools. Traders quickly learn the trading platform, and the risk manager allows them to avoid serious material losses.

FAQ - broker questions

  • 1. Do the trader reviews impact on a rating of Gerchik&Co ?

    Any feedback can raise or lower the rating company. To read reviews, go into the rating and select your broker.

  • 2. How to leave a comment about Gerchik&Co on the website ?

    In order to leave a review about the broker, go down page, enter a valid email and Your review with an overall score. Reviews are moderated and tracked by the number of comments from the same IP or email. Tech support may request the actual documents that prove that the user was or is a customer of the broker. This rule applies to negative and positive reviews. We want our portal to be honest and independent.

  • 3. Can we assume the broker Gerchik&Co decent?

    Before any trade and choosing a broker You must always read reviews on this site and on other sites. Brokers who are honest, have a rating of above 3.8. Also there is always the risk of loss when trading CFDs. Be careful and read the disclosure on the website of the broker. Gerchik&Co received a score of 2.0 of 5 on our resource.

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