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ForexClub is one of the most famous brokers in the international stock market. The company was founded in 1997 and since then has been providing quality intermediary services in more than 120 countries. Today it is ranked among the most advanced and providing the most comfortable conditions for traders for active trading. Affiliates are based almost throughout Asia, Latin America and the European Union. In addition, they are widely distributed in all CIS countries, as well as in the USA.


In addition to the brokerage organizations that are part of the company, the association FC contains in excess educational institutions that provide each trader with advanced courses. You can go through them in existing training centers, interested in improving practical skills and theoretical knowledge of all people who have decided to engage in exchange investments. Thus, the maximum profit is achieved for each participant individually and for the entire sphere of trading as a whole, since every detail is paid all possible attention along with the required resources and feasible support. You can leave your feedback about the broker in a special form below.


Forex Club is one of the oldest brokers operating in the CIS countries. The company is registered in the Virgin Islands and is licensed by a local regulator. Until recently, the company had a license and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Now the community boasts 11 millionaires who have earned capital with a small deposit.


ForexClub Features


Profitable to cooperate with a reliable partner. Consider the main nuances of the Forex Club:


  • Availability of a license for activities in the financial market.
  • More than 20 years of successful business.
  • Fast payouts.
  • The opportunity to get an education.
  • Providing favorable conditions for customers.
  • 24/7 availability of support agents.


Types of Forex Club Accounts


Users can make any deposit, within the minimum for the selected tariff model. Another generalizing factor is the leverage of 1: 500. Consider the proposals in more detail:


  • MT4 Instant Execution - suitable for beginners. The minimum value of the spread is 0.6 points, while the lot price starts from 0.01 points. Commission is not provided. Standard Margin Sell - 100%. The client is protected from large financial losses
  • MT4 Market Execution is a more professional solution where the value of the spread starts at 0.5 points. Lot value and Margin Sell have the same meaning as in the previous version. Trading stops after spending 50% of the funds deposited.
  • MT5 Instant - modern trading without commission, subject to a minimum spread of 0.6 points and a lot price of 0.01 points. Margin Sell value is 100%. Trade will stop upon the fact of the balance in the account 20% of the deposit amount.
  • Libertex is a current platform where the minimum deposit must satisfy the minimum lot price of 0.01 points, with a zero value of the spread. The value of leverage is 1: 600. Moreover, the commission amount is 0.03%. The maximum investment amount for everything except shares is 100% of the deposit. In the case of stocks, this parameter is 20%.
  • Rumus is a professional solution for financial analysts. It is necessary to replenish the account in such a way as to trade in the conditions of a minimum lot price of 0.01 points with a spread of 3 points. The leverage is 1: 200. There is no agent commission. You cannot spend more than 20% of the deposit made on one transaction.


Deposit and withdrawal of ForexClub funds


You can enter funds into the system using bank cards, bank transfer, electronic money, online banking, terminals and a mobile phone. There is no broker commission, but payment systems may charge a commission that the agent compensates with an equal bonus. Funds are credited to the account instantly.

You can withdraw funds to a bank card or bank account, and a commission of 1% of the transfer amount will be charged. Funds will go to the specified details within 1-5 days. In case of ordering payments to electronic wallets, funds are instantly transferred without commission.


ForexClub Broker Reviews


Over the 20 years of its activity, the Forex Club has gathered a lot of positive feedback. Users like to work with a reliable partner offering a full range of financial services. The prompt deposit and withdrawal of funds, the constant availability of support agents, as well as solid earning opportunities are also reflected in reviews of grateful customers.

For more than 20 years, the Forex Club has been operating in the financial market. The main activity of the company is customer service from the CIS countries. Users receive a full set of tools, fast financial transactions and comprehensive support.

FAQ - вопросы о брокере

  • 1. Do the trader reviews impact on a rating of ForexClub ?

    Any feedback can raise or lower the rating company. To read reviews, go into the rating and select your broker.

  • 2. How to leave a comment about ForexClub on the website ?

    In order to leave a review about the broker, go down page, enter a valid email and Your review with an overall score. Reviews are moderated and tracked by the number of comments from the same IP or email. Tech support may request the actual documents that prove that the user was or is a customer of the broker. This rule applies to negative and positive reviews. We want our portal to be honest and independent.

  • 3. Can we assume the broker ForexClub decent?

    Before any trade and choosing a broker You must always read reviews on this site and on other sites. Brokers who are honest, have a rating of above 3.8. Also there is always the risk of loss when trading CFDs. Be careful and read the disclosure on the website of the broker. ForexClub received a score of 3.1 of 5 on our resource.

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