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Vantage fx

Vantage fx

Vantage FX was founded fourteen years ago. For a considerable amount of time, the broker has been able to show a decent level of dealing services on the international market. The founders of the company are leading specialists from the economic sector, who, on their own experience, have gone from novice traders to true professionals.

The basic principle of working with the Vantage FX broker is transparent cooperation, since each trader of the company has the opportunity to track any actions on his account, make adjustments and even dispute conflicting points, which is often written about on review sites. The principle of working according to the new canons of trading on the Forex currency market greatly simplifies the life of every client. Favorable trading conditions, an optimal starting deposit of $ 200, low spreads, high speed of making deals and social trading are a must-have for every trader who understands the market.

In addition, Vantage FX provides its services with legitimacy as the broker is regulated by VANTAGE FX PTY LTD and is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. You can check the accuracy of the information by the registration number - 42890.


  • Trading conditions are optimal, as traders use the trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Their main advantages are functionality, as there is an application for mobile devices, a web browser (does not require additional setup) and a laptop, which allows traders to be mobile and ready to drawing up a profitable deal at any moment.
  • Broker Vantage FX provides its brokers with 3 types of trading accounts. On the one hand, it may seem that this is not enough, but on the other hand, clients do not need to spend a lot of time analyzing and finding the best option. A separate Islamic account without swaps has been created for Muslims.
  • For those who prefer passive trading, the broker provides the opportunity to use the MAM and PAMM services. The client needs to allocate an amount for the investment, after which the funds will be transferred to trust management to another trader and the client will begin to receive additional income without spending additional time on it.
  • If the client has any disputes with the Vantage FX broker, the issue will be resolved internationally with the intervention of the Australian Securities Commission.
  • Residents of Australia will be able to pass full identification. Residents of other countries may have some difficulties at the bureaucratic level.
  • There is no Russian language on the broker's website.

Vantage FX broker trading conditions

The company provides its clients with the optimal choice of trading instruments, however, special emphasis is placed on the Forex market, since there is an opportunity to choose one of the forty provided currency pairs, there are also cryptocurrencies. Among other assets, there is an opportunity to make deals with indices of American and European companies.

It should be noted that for advanced traders, there is the possibility of CFD contracts on profitable companies in the USA and China. From other more traditional assets, there is the possibility of choosing twenty commodities, one of which is oil.

The size of the trading leverage will depend on the selected instrument, but its size varies from 1: 2 to 1: 5 pips.

Vantage FX trading accounts:

  • Standard STP - with a minimum deposit of $ 200, with a spread of 1.4 pips. There is no commission.
  • Raw ECN is an Islamic account with no spread. The commission is three dollars one way.
  • PRO ECN - there is no spread on this account either, but the commission is equal to two dollars per trade.

Vantage FX offers its clients affiliate programs, where everyone can earn a small income for the transactions of attracted clients. You can find out about more detailed conditions on the company's website.

Since the broker has partnered with Myfxbook AutoTrade, clients can take part in social trading. The essence of the technology lies in the fact that clients copy the trades of the leading and more experienced Vantage FX traders.

Deposit and withdrawal operations

Since the company is international, all operations for depositing or withdrawing funds take place without unnecessary difficulties, since customers can use cards that support MasterCard or Visa or bank transfer from any account.

If we talk about online payments, then Vantage FX clients do not have the opportunity to pay through WebMoney, but this is not a big problem, since transactions can be made through FasaPay, Bpay, Skrill, Neteller and others.

FAQ - broker questions

  • 1. Do the trader reviews impact on a rating of Vantage fx ?

    Any feedback can raise or lower the rating company. To read reviews, go into the rating and select your broker.

  • 2. How to leave a comment about Vantage fx on the website ?

    In order to leave a review about the broker, go down page, enter a valid email and Your review with an overall score. Reviews are moderated and tracked by the number of comments from the same IP or email. Tech support may request the actual documents that prove that the user was or is a customer of the broker. This rule applies to negative and positive reviews. We want our portal to be honest and independent.

  • 3. Can we assume the broker Vantage fx decent?

    Before any trade and choosing a broker You must always read reviews on this site and on other sites. Brokers who are honest, have a rating of above 3.8. Also there is always the risk of loss when trading CFDs. Be careful and read the disclosure on the website of the broker. Vantage fx received a score of 3.1 of 5 on our resource.

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Review broker  Vantage fx  by 

6 месяцев я торговал на счёте Про и платил по 2 доллара за каждую сделку. Приходилось открывать максимум один ордер в сутки, иначе я бы просто разорился на таких комиссиях. Потом мне это надоело и я закрыл счёт, зарегистрировался на другом сайте. Отчасти я сам виноват, под такие условия нужен депозит побольше моего, но больше я с Vantage не работаю.

Review broker  Vantage fx  by 

Этот брокер хоть и числится в офшоре, но в систему Vantage FX входят ещё дочерние организации из Великобритании и Австралии. Так что за честность я вообще не переживаю. Регистрация вот доступна только для тех, у кого есть док-и на английском, я по заграннику регистрировался. Торговать мне удобно, но не каждый желающий сможет из-за той самой регистрации.

Review broker  Vantage fx  by 

Отсутствие спреда и наличие весомой комиссии вынуждает совершать ограниченное количество крупных сделок. То есть, условия Vantage FX подходят далеко не под каждую стратегию. Меня на данный момент такое положение устраивает, но если я надумаю менять стратегию и переходить к большому количеству открываемых ордеров, то помашу Vantage рукой.

Review broker  Vantage fx  by 

Зарегистрировался исключительно ради исламского счета. Хорошо, что он есть вообще, но комиссия там просто грабительская. Из-за этого приходится совершать малое количество сделок, но выверенных.