Trading is a copy of poker

Trading is a copy of poker

The network has a huge number of manuals, video tutorials, all sorts of courses and other information on earning forex. You can read mountains of literature, review all the free video tutorials on the intricacies of trading and still not understand anything. Therefore, good reliable brokers focus on close communication with an experienced mentor, company analyst, who will promptly introduce a newcomer to the trading rate so that he avoids mistakes and does not lose his entire deposit on the first day.


It is important to understand that in order to really learn how to make money on the price difference of currencies, you can hardly do without investments. You can endlessly train on demo accounts that almost all brokers provide, but you won’t get much benefit from trading “toy money”.



How is trading like poker?



To understand the difference, I will explain using poker as an example. When you learn to play in a mobile application or social network, where you immediately accrue a certain number of chips, then you do not care. You can always blindly put all in. Won - great! Merged - well, figs with him, tomorrow they will add new chips. And you can very quickly get used to this style of play “either pan or disappeared”, especially without delving into either the rules or the combination.



They have everything as in childhood: money is over - I’ll go new narva and again rich :)



What do you think, if such a person sits down at one poker table with pros who play for real money, understand what they are at risk and constantly hone their skills, what is the chance that he will win? Zero! Well, maybe she’s just lucky, maybe two ... But, in the end, the one who has honed his skills and learned to play with real money, rather than virtual chips on the Internet or matches with friends, will go home with his stack.


That is why it is very important not to delay with demo accounts, so as not to lose touch with reality. In the end, answer yourself the question: “Do you want to make real money or virtual money”. If virtual suits you, then ok, just keep clicking on the buttons and enjoy the growing numbers on the “account”. But if you want to increase the real ones, but do not delay the opening of a real deposit. Let it be a little money, many brokers give the opportunity to trade with 50 dollars, but you will get much more benefit from such training.


It is still very important to be able to maintain self-control. Many, after the discharge, are covered by a wave of blind anger and they are ready for anything to “recoup”. Amendment, for everything except training)



The same deposit on forex and poker is the same



Instead of figuring out why it happened, that is, corny to learn from their mistakes and not make them anymore, they start completely illogical and impractical throwing.



форекс покер



Here are the top 3 actions of a merged novice trader:


  • Throw more money and hope to recoup.
  • Urgently run through all forums and review sites screaming that the broker is a fraudster, cheated, confused, took money and does not return back. And about the fact that it is not the broker who is really to blame, but the thoughtless actions of the “complainant,” he will be silent.
  • Seek help from companies that promise everyone 100% money back from a broker. About how deplorably this can end, we already wrote.



трейдинг покер



What about poker, you ask?



Yes all! People who do not delve into the intricacies of the game, but only know how to move chips, in the event of a natural loss, behave in exactly the same way. They shout at the top of their lungs that these other players have brazenly deceived them, call the police with complaints that the casino is to blame for everything, they write nasty things all over the Internet. Particularly stupid deprived of the mind, climb into debt in order to return and punish everyone. But in the end, they all merge again. Now see the resemblance?


But if you spend time on quality training, listen to the advice of an experienced mentor, keep yourself in control and not give in to panic, then success is guaranteed in any business! And in trading, also good money)


Learn from the mistakes of others, do not step on the same rake and you will succeed!

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