Top 5 books about forex and trading

Top 5 books about forex and trading

Trillions of dollars are traded daily in the Forex market, which is the largest as well as the most liquid market in the world. Trading is quite complicated. Regardless of whether you are new to this topic or have many years of experience, acquiring the proper knowledge, reading the best books about Forex is one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful trader. This is the basis on which you can build trading strategies and understand how to choose high-quality stocks and Forex pairs, and at the same time successfully manage and minimize risks. Reading should be the main priority of the trader.


How not to get lost in the multitude of the proposed literature? Check out our selection of books, perhaps in them you will find useful information and missing knowledge.



Currency Forecasting by Michael Rosenberg is one of the best Forex trading books. It has been referenced for a long time, since it combines fundamental and technical analyzes in a concise manner to help with trading. This is a classic among books on technical analysis, and it must be on your shelf.


Jim Brown "Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms"


It covers the basic elements of Forex trading and can help you create your own trading strategy. If you are just starting to trade and would like to have a book that sets out the basics very clearly, then you should buy this one!


"Disciplined Trader" by Mark Douglas



книги про форекс



The author reveals the importance of sound trading psychology. He discusses how emotions are always the enemy of the trader. Even with limited knowledge of the analytical and technical understanding of trading, but with good psychological control, you can ultimately be on the side of the winner. The author is not ashamed to admit that he lost almost everything that he owned due to his unsuccessful trading decisions. This experience led him to thorough introspection, where he discovered that emotions, especially fear, forced him to trade with losses.


Alexander Gerchik "Stock Grail, or The Adventures of a Pinocchio Trader"


Book from the series "forex for dummies." If you are completely new, then you will definitely like it. An experienced trader with phenomenal success in exchange trading presents those main things without which earning money in the market is impossible. The book has a touch of humor, which makes reading easy and even more interesting. You can read more about the author here.


Alexey Bashaev "Trading without water"



книги для трейдеров



The book will be useful to those who have already come to the need for an in-depth study of the laws of price movement on the chart.


This is not a complete list. Learn, but do not forget that successful traders are united not only by colossal technical knowledge, but also by their great will to win, endurance and sense of humor. Develop these personal qualities, find strength and desire to finally understand the behavior of the market. This is a direct way to learn how to play and win on the exchange.

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