TOP 3 series about Forex and traders

TOP 3 series about Forex and traders


If you don’t have the strength and desire to read something, or just want to spend time relaxing for the benefit of the brain and your own well-being, watch a smart movie! In this collection, we will talk about the three best series that will immerse you in the exciting atmosphere of financial markets. Enjoy watching!


Warriors of Wall Street, 2006


This is not a classic series, but 3 seasons of a documentary about the world of Wall Street - the legendary street on which the fate of the whole world is decided. Each series keeps the viewer in suspense and poses the main question for him: can a decent trader work in this world of greed and lies?


You will see a secret backstage full of intrigue, filth and drama; fierce confrontation, enchanting highs and tragic falls of individuals. Most likely, adrenaline from sudden astronomical gains and losses of all to zero. Viewers can not only amaze what is happening on the screen, but also make important conclusions. A high degree of awareness, the development of professional intuition, weighing each step, integrity and adherence to the basic values ​​of life - these are what a true professional needs to succeed. This is the leitmotif of this documentary series.


сериал про уолл стрит

“Billions” - 10th place in the ranking of the best dramas of 2016


Each episode is a major duel between billionaire Bobby Axelrod and prosecutor Chuck Rhodes. The latter hates the rich man and tries to catch him in crime, desperately looking for at least some clue and evidence. Chuck is a professional in the fight against corruption and has not lost a single case in court - can he win this, the most resonant and major case in his life? Bobby made his fortune on Wall Street, making deals with the highest risks and a lot of zeros in total, it is impossible to unravel his motives and plans, and his personality reflects the values ​​of an elite American society.


сериалы про трейдеров


To lovers of Russian TV shows: "Trader", 2018


This tape in the genre of political thriller was shot by Sergey Zhigunov, there are 16 episodes in total. The protagonist is the head of the foreign trade company Chernikov, played by Mikhail Gorevoy. Will he be able to go through all the difficulties and stand on top of success in the conditions of corruption, banditry and economic instability? The script is based on real events and covers the period from 95th to 2003. Make a fortune or lose everything all at once? Lose yourself by compromising or be true to your own principles to the end? Watch this exciting series about the trader in Russian realities and draw conclusions!

May good luck and clever cinema be with you!

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