Top 5 Forex Movies

Top 5 Forex Movies


The Wolf of Wall Street 


The main character of the film is Jordan Belfort, who is an average broker in the USA in the late 80s. After the collapse of the financial market, Jordan loses his job and remains idle. On the advice of his wife, he gets a job in a stock company. Thanks to his skills and unique manner of communicating with clients, Jordan is quickly mastering a new business. Subsequently, he opens his own company, which is engaged in the turnover of shares. This allows him to get rich, which completely changes his worldview regarding the world around him.


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The Pursuit of Happyness


This film tells a story based on real events. The main character of the film is Chris Gardner, who is trying hard to save his small family. In the story, his wife throws him and he remains alone with his beloved son. There is no work and Chris takes on everything that can bring at least some profit. Being completely devastated, the hero decides to start a new life and puts all his efforts to get a position in a successful company and provide his son with a decent life.


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Wall Street


The plot of the film takes place in 1985. Broker Bad Fox meets financier Gordon Gekko. They do a few things that don’t bring much profit. Gekko hints to Bad that there are other ways of earning that go against the rules. The plot tells of constant doubts and fears that ultimately turn the lives of heroes upside down.


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Margin Call


The film demonstrates 24 hours of bank employees at the time the 2008 global crisis begins. Before them becomes a very difficult task. Save the bank or give preference to your customers? Not only the fate of bank employees, but also the lives of many people depends on this choice.


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The Big Short


New York 2005 is the main plot. The main characters of the film are several economists who decide to challenge the system. But their expectations turned out to be false and soon they find themselves in a very difficult situation, because making a reliable forecast is very difficult.


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