“Precious” metals: Uranium.

“Precious” metals: Uranium.

Traditional precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum certainly occupy their key place among others. Nevertheless, there are a number of metals that can already be conditionally called precious, because they are quite rare and extremely useful. Among them is our today's hero - uranium.


Why is uranium so expensive?


In fact, uranium itself is a rather useless metal and for many years it was used only to paint glass and crystal products in a special yellowish-green color. Nevertheless, with the discovery of nuclear technology, people saw in this silvery substance a rather serious source of energy.


However, even for these purposes, not all uranium is suitable, but only the 235th, which corresponds to the usual 234th uranium in a ratio of 1 to 99, that is, in 100 tons of uranium there will be only 1 ton of the 235th.


Given this, as well as the fact that uranium deposits are not widespread on our planet, today uranium is one of the new "precious" metals.


Is it possible to invest in uranium and is it worth it?


Anyway, we have a blog about investments, not a popular science column, so such a question is a natural reaction to the information that we outlined above.


Since both you and we, business people, will go straight to the point. It is possible to invest in uranium, but there are a number of features compared to other commodities traded on the stock exchange. The fact is that the uranium market is very closed and most trades are held outside the exchange, and the remaining small part is "played" between the powerful of this world.


However, investing in uranium is possible. However, this will have to be done through ETF funds, investments in securities of uranium mining companies, as well as derivative financial instruments. Directly buy futures for the supply of uranium is quite difficult. This is due to the special international regulation of the movement of this product, as well as the peculiarities of national, including Russian laws.


As for the second question, the answer is yes. The fact is that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the volume of radioactive metal development has decreased significantly and now there is a serious shortage of uranium on the market. Moreover, according to experts, the problems with supplies will not be solved in the next couple of years.


Against this background, now there is a serious growth in this sector of commodity turnover, which is unlikely to stop in the near future, and this is an excellent signal for the investor.

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