Forex brokers rating

Forex brokers rating

The Forex Broker Rating is a list of companies distributed to assess the quality of service delivery.


Our website provides an in-depth analysis of brokers, on the basis of which the Forex companies are created. The findings are based on the completeness of feedback, general expertise, the quality of comments and other criteria. The assessment is carried out on a five-point scale. Brokers with 3.8 points or higher are considered reliable.




The size of the brokerage commission. Each broker has its own commission for closing a transaction and makes a certain percentage. Depends on the volume and frequency of trades.


Payment for depository maintenance. Charged for securities storage. The cost is sometimes included in the total payment of services, but more often is a fixed monthly amount.


Minimum deposit. This is the amount that needs to be put into a brokerage account to start trading.


The number of currency pairswith which trading is possible. It is the main currency pairs that give 95% of the total turnover in the Forex market, but there are also cross-rates and exotic currencies.


Trading apps provide traders with access to trading on the stock exchange. The option of installing a trading platform is important: on a personal computer, a web interface, a mobile version. The perfect combination of all three species.


Top up the account and withdraw money. The ability to top up the account online, without commissions and additional payments, the time of withdrawal and deposition of money is taken into account.


How to open an account. Enrolling cash online will be an advantage, given that not every city has offices in the company.




Reputation among customers is the main criterion of choice. The distribution of brokers' places in the ranking takes place on the absolute number of votes of visitors to the site. Any feedback affects the company's rating.


It is proposed to fill out a form in which you need to enter the full name, e-mail, specify the rating of the broker, assess the safety, technical support, convenience, withdrawal, describe the pros and cons.




Responses on our portal can be trusted. To exclude advertising and customized reviews, to prevent cheating votes
any information is thoroughly checked.


Reviews are moderated and tracked by the number of comments left with a single IP or email. At the same time, you can impose restrictions on the number of clicks from one IP address: you can cast your vote only once or with a certain frequency.


In some cases, the documents confirming that the recall was left by the broker's client are checked. All options are taken into account: how often you visit the broker's page, how often it is commented on. The feedback time is fixed, and page conversions are analyzed. This is to prevent votes being twisted.


We do everything to ensure that the rating is honest and independent.

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