Should you believe the ratings of forex brokers?

 Should you believe the ratings of forex brokers?

Starting trading on Forex, the first thing a trader has to do is choose a broker. Due to the fact that access to trade in the market is possible only through an intermediary. In order to choose the right broker, novice traders turn to the help of various information resources. It should be understood that on each resource the rating is different. The main income of such sites is the sale of places in the ranking, which is what dishonest kitchens use. This all leads to the fact that a naive trader chooses a fraud broker and loses his capital.


How to choose an honest rating of Forex brokers?


Vigilance is the key to success, it is worthwhile to understand that your capital will depend on the choice. There are many information resources on which unchanged information about the top brokers of the world is provided. The rating hierarchy is based on many factors:


  • certificates and international licenses;
  • geographic range of company activities;
  • experience in the market;
  • statements of famous analysts;
  • media publications;
  • awards;
  • open withdrawal system.


An honest rating of Forex brokers is structured information about those companies that have proven their integrity and the quality of the services provided in the market. Of course, it is difficult to understand which rating should be trusted, and which not. It often happens that a fraud broker is the owner of this list. You need to understand that if a little-known company is in the first place on the list, places in the ranking are clearly for sale.


Correct ratings of Forex brokers provide complete reasoned information about why the company is in a particular place. The broker's “profile” contains up-to-date information, which is supported by the opinions of leading experts and reviews. Also, comments on the site itself are important, the opinions of traders only confirm the veracity of the rating. Watch various resources, analyze, read reviews, consult with practicing traders and you are sure to find a suitable broker.

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