How much can you earn with Forex?

How much can you earn with Forex?

To begin with, Forex is an international financial market where you can earn significant capital. New traders see the limitless potential in Forex. Analysis methods, tools and sales technologies are developing day by day, attracting an ever new flow of people.


Most novice speculators quickly quit trading with negative impressions and empty wallets. To start working well from the start, it is worth choosing the right broker who will guide you during trading.


Basic mistakes of beginners


Many traders enter the market without fully understanding how it actually works. In order not to lose your first deposit, you must avoid:


  • trade with a large contribution of capital;
  • trade based on general knowledge, and not on scientific facts;
  • trading without a broker;
  • the pursuit of instant profit;
  • sensations of “easy money”.


How to avoid mistakes and make money?


In order not to be disappointed in Forex trading, you need to undergo training and choose a reliable broker. Your further course of events on the exchange depends on the choice of broker. It is worth noting that some companies provide reinforcing courses on trade training and we recommend that you use them.


Many traders are lost in the search for a reliable broker and fall into the Forex cuisine. Thousands of companies promise their customers quick income, low interest and full protection against capital loss, but alas, this does not happen. The main qualities of a reliable broker are recognition, reputation and a high level of service.


How to choose an honest broker?


When choosing a broker, you need to pay attention to such factors as:


  • availability of a license;
  • customer service regulations;
  • tariff plan;
  • communication options with the company, how well they work;
  • reviews on different sites;
  • the availability of online training programs;
  • list of markets with which the broker works;
  • methods of crediting funds to the trader's account;
  • taxation.


Do not forget that in the hands of the broker is all your capital, and if you make a bad choice, you will end up with absolutely nothing. Comfort, capital growth, safety and success are in your hands. Usually the company takes full responsibility for itself, providing partner traders with a high level of service, providing guarantees that are legally confirmed.


What amount per month can a trader expect?


It all depends on the beginning deposit. Naturally, if you invest 1000 USD, then the income will be significantly higher than with a contribution of 100 USD. If we conclude from statistics, the yield on 1 US dollar is:


for a novice trader - 14-21% of the profit;

for an experienced trader - 25-45%.


Above are general statistics, which may become a guideline on the Forex profitability for the month. Normal brokerage companies take care of the income of each partner trader by offering 40% of the amount of a successful deposit per month. Trust us and feel all the charm of comfortable Forex trading.


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