Forex: a view from the side - 7 revelations of traders

Forex: a view from the side - 7 revelations of traders

Experts from a well-known financial portal analyzed the feedback of novice traders. This allowed us to get a complete picture of the mysterious world of "electronic enrichment."


The positions of the survey participants in matters related to profit in trading are directly opposite, some approve, others condemn.


Some respondents believe that it is impossible to make money in this area. For some, this is a real gold mine. In practice, both sides are wrong. Let's figure it out.



When to count on profits?



Compared to employment, trading is a form of investment, and therefore it all depends on your actions. Strategy and capital, here are two basics.


“Investors with experience share their knowledge with others. They give advice, suggest optimal strategies. The most frequently asked question relates to income in this area. Such interviews are common.


It is worth showing the audience a six-digit number, and they are ready to do everything to get such a profit. Just browse through the comments below the video. An important component escapes them. To get such a profit, you need to invest. An experienced trader understands this perfectly, but a simple public, unfortunately, does not. ” Vadim K., tutor.


The analysis of blogs, groups, social networks devoted to trading and the opinions of people involved in this area have made it clear that the earnings of the pros vary from 3% to 5% per month. The exact amount depends on the investment.


“Growth can increase from time to time and reach levels of 10%, or even 20%. But the overall picture does not change from this.

There are pairs with a high rate of volatility in price. A striking example is gold, it is always in motion. In a short period of time, such a currency can go a long way. Moreover, the risks are very high, sometimes you can lose a lot. The course is changing, and these changes cannot be predicted. ” Elena I., trader, psychologist.


At first glance, 3% - 5% of passive income can hardly impress anyone. However, if you look at the future, then 36% - 60% per annum, exceed the performance of any bank deposit. The problem is that many see trading as an opportunity to quickly raise funds. People have high expectations in this regard.


Let's carry out simple mathematical calculations:


  • You want to have an income of 40 thousand rubles monthly;
  • The average figures are 36% - 60% per annum;
  • In other words, your account should have 800 thousand rubles at least.


But for this you should not sell real estate or get into debt. Experienced users are already taught bitter experience.


“In most cases, the first deposit simply burns out. This can be called initiation into traders.

Virtual accounts have pros and cons. But even taking into account all the advantages, they cannot afford to present a true picture of things. Operations on demo accounts are carried out on the broker's server and this is logical. Everything is stable and smooth. The situation changes when switching to a real account. Here additional factors come into play that will not be on the demo.

Therefore, investing large amounts in a real account is the wrong decision. It should start small. Over time, you will learn everything. ” Kirill A., financial manager.


Experts say that on the path to success you need to go through 3 stages:


  • Loss of cash. Everybody goes through this at the very beginning, and most are eliminated at the start.
  • Stability. You do not earn, but do not lose. Learn to be afloat, properly manage finances. Only 30% of the total reach this stage.
  • Profit. This is a niche for the elite. After going through all the difficulties, you can finally earn.


“People often ask how long you can learn how to make a profit in the stock market. There is no definite answer. It all depends on diligence. One student can do everything correctly and systematically, while another simply rushes from corner to corner, without understanding how everything works.

It takes a year to start getting benefits. During this time, you can learn the basics of investing, investing. To gain superficial knowledge about the modern foreign exchange market and the processes that are happening. ” Vladimir S., trader, tutor



Forex: expectation and reality



According to statistics, only 5% of people make a profit.


“During the training period, teachers assure that 20% per month is an achievable result. Experience does not matter here. This indicator is sought by many. Going into a plus and not losing everything is really difficult.

There are two reasons for draining a deposit - there is no strategy and no discipline. Intuition will not help you predict the outcome of events in the long run. Further, people sometimes exaggerate their capabilities. As a result, all acquired knowledge seems to disappear, and this leads to failure and loss.

There were several cases when people invested huge sums and as a result they lost everything. ” Yuri R., investor, financier.


Psychologists have expressed their opinion about Forex earnings. They believe that duality has a great effect on people.


“It turns out a double edged sword. Some want everything at once, and for the sake of achieving the goal they get into debt, part with the last money, and, as a result, are left with nothing. The reason is no experience.

Others carefully probe the soil and invest minimal amounts. And this is the right decision. But over time, a person loses interest in this and abandons the work begun.

It's about work. This is not a casino or a lottery. To become a pro you have to study. Your knowledge will provide an opportunity for development in this field. ” Elena M., psychologist, consultant.



There are scammers everywhere, including Forex



“The number of really good brokers in Russia is extremely small.

But there are many scammers who promise the golden mountains in a couple of clicks. A person is literally brainwashed, and then all means are good. Usually they try to put pressure on a sick, difficult financial situation or fear.

People believe and give everything. As a result, we have many negative reviews that the Internet is filled with. ” Maxim M., trader, manager.


What do we have in total:


Making a profit on Forex is a very real and feasible task. But in order to fulfill it, you need to make an effort, take a training course and be prepared for everything. It is unlikely that you will succeed in becoming a rich man in a year, but to become a plus, this is an attainable goal. You should pay attention to all the little things, build strategies, pump your financial skills and discipline.


The profit of a competent trader is approximately 50% per annum of the total investment. This is not the limit, but there are risks that can lead to the loss of everything. You have to go a difficult way from a beginner to a professional. Knowledge, discipline, patience - this is what will help you find your place in the field of "electronic enrichment".


The modern market does not stand still and is constantly changing. If you want to keep abreast of all events and correctly respond to all changes, you should acquire knowledge in this area. They will help to avoid problems and start earning. Improve your skills, take courses and be in the trend.

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