FX Coin - full app review

FX Coin - full app review

FX Coin is an open source software product. The operation is identical to the principles of the Bitcoin wallet. Formally, the owner or controller of the application is absent, while any person can participate in the structure.


Features FX Coin


FX coin allows you to perform exchange operations between cryptocurrency wallets and bank cards. The main purpose of the program is to simplify the implementation of financial transactions, while ensuring the convenience and comfort of performing cryptocurrency conversions that operate anywhere in the world.

Blockchain technology allows the use of currency in regions where standard banking systems are not able to provide free access for every citizen. The software allows you to combine foreign exchange assets using block chains.


Deposit and withdrawal of funds in FX Coin


There are several options for interacting with the system. Let's consider each of them in more detail:


Buying / selling Bitcoin using Mastercard or Visa cards within a few seconds. At the same time, the selling rate is quite attractive. Corporate cards and cards that do not support 3DS technology are not supported. Purchased funds can be disposed of at your discretion. A one-time purchase from a card should be no more than 75 thousand rubles. You can buy bitcoin worth 150 thousand rubles per day, and up to 600 thousand rubles per day from a single card for the purchase of cryptocurrency. An interesting feature is the absence of a hidden commission for the purchase of foreign currency.


Sending or transmitting bitcon, while maintaining the operation by using a QR code. The integrated module allows you to perform manipulations as quickly as possible.


Withdrawal of funds occurs instantly, but a commission in the amount of 0.00005 BTC or 25 rubles, respectively, will be deducted.


Integrated reward system for invited users. Each referral brings a bonus of 1% of the exchange in BTC equivalent. The program is single-level, linear and lifelong.


Built-in transaction history with support for assigning each address its own name, which ensures ease of use of the system.


Technical support specialists are always in touch. You can write them directly from the application, while applications in the form of photos and screenshots are supported.


You can set a secret code for authorization in the application. If the user forgets this attribute, it can be restored using e-mail. Rational use of VPN and other tools will allow you to use the wallet anonymously.


The card number will not be stored on the program server. If you select the option to remember the card for future purchases, the number will be saved, but without a CVV code, and the data encryption system will be used.


FX Coin App Reviews


Users note the virtues of a young, but actively developing, service. People like anonymous, secure, fast and efficient service. Reliability is confirmed by positive reviews. At the moment, there are practically no complaints about the company, which indicates favorable prospects in the field of project development.


FX Coin - software that allows you to store, change, buy, transfer and sell bitcoin. At the same time, you can buy cryptocurrency directly from the card without a commission and instantly, and the withdrawal and transfer of funds are carried out on attractive terms.

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